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Here are a couple of new screenshots from the PR-X engine. The scene uses fully dynamic lights, shadows, and bump mapping. Since lights are fully dynamic they can flicker, pulse, turned on/off and a variety of other effects allowing a gamer to change the environment.

Every triangle including the skinned character uses the same rendering technique, casts shadows and uses DOT3 bump mapping. Lights are done entirely with textures for per pixel lighting and attenuation. They can also be modulated with a projected texture in a single pass to give soft shadows (ie the white stripes). Each triangle is drawn using 2 or 3 passes per light (no textures, diffuse, specular) and up to 4 texture stages per pass.

The character was created by Eric Walker of Walkerboys Studios for a demo of the engine. Bump maps on the character were created from the texture but in the future we'll be generating normal maps from a high polygon version instead.

More screenshots that show the evolution of this engine over the past year are available at the PR-X website

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