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So here, finally is an answer on what I've been working on for the past year or so. Or not me personally but our team at Fathammer, to be exact.

The 'thing' is called x-forge, and it's the world's first complete game engine for handhelds. It's not ready yet, though - our beta phase starts in a couple of months.

One of the big problems with handhelds is that there are lots of different devices, operating systems, cpu architectures, et cetera out there. One solution would be to use java or make your own virtual machine - some attempts on these are out there. Our solution is a bit more traditional; we have a highly portable framework (up to the point where you don't need to change the application code *at all* to recompile for a completely different device) combined with hardware-specific optimizations (to get most out of specific hardware).

Another thing that sets us a bit aside from other players is that we're offering a complete game engine. We're developing a game in-house as a proof-of-concept and also to make sure we're doing the right things.

We just released a tech preview demo (available here from fileplanet) that is meant to be run on iPaq 3630 (the one with color screen). It's a fairly old demo (buttons on ipaq, for instance, have not been overriden yet) but we decided to put something out there.


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