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I just thought about submitting a current snapshot of a little hobby project I am currently developing. Basically itís supposed to become a XBOX Chess game. Unfortunately I donít have a dev kit so I have to stick to the information available from other XBOX projects (XBMP etc.). However a big emphasis is put on compatibility with Windows as well (which is really no big deal as the XBOX is pretty much a Windows 2000 / DirectX environment). Itís pretty close to a first release (under the GPL) and so I thought about posting this image... The artwork (except the chessboard) is actually downloaded from 3D Cafť and converted with 3DSMAX wo a costum file format. No pixel shaders are used up to now (although the engine design already allows for that). Nothing funky is going on right now since the engine is in pretty early development right now. Future plans include depth shadow mapping, animated figures and network play.

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