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To test out my game engine code, a friend and I put together a clone of the puzzle game, "Bubblet". This gives all my currently written code a good work out and it's a fun game to boot. :)

You can download the game from my hosted page : EpicBoy.

I plan to do a series of small games like this as I develop the code more and add features. I use DirectX for everything ... Direct3D, DirectInput and DirectSound.

Some of the cooler things it does are :
  • A file system that looks for a file in the directory structure first and if it can't find it, it looks in any ZIP files that are in it's running directory.
  • A GUI that supports most controls that are found in Windows.
  • Special GUI windows which can be told to read their text from HTML files. The "Rules" window and the "About" dialog both do this. It only supports text formatting commands at the moment (left/center/right, color, bold, italic, etc), but hopefully I'll be able to expand this in the future to handle other things (like images).
  • Anyway ... play it and have fun! :)

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