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Here's a shot from my last game. It's "Nardo and the broken astronav", a graphical adventure game like monkey island (well a bit smaller). It's coded all in Delphi using DelphiX packet, so it's based on DirectX. All i used is 2D blitting and scaling, so don't expect ultra gfx.. The part i'm best proud of is the script that i've implemented to develop the game scenes (movements, speech, objects, etc): it's a simple language that support variables (only boolean), events, jumps, it-then-else statements, and all the instruction for the scenes.

Every scene has an (invisible) graph that contains all the point where the character can stay (called hotspots), each caratterized by a position, a scale factor, and connection to other spots. So when the player moves from A to B, in the path it is scaled interpolating the two factors. The game itself is not too long (features 17 rooms and 140 between active areas and objects) but neither too small. People who played it says that the story and the gags are amazing :) It took us (me and a friend helping with the story and the editor) about 6 month (but very lazely :))

The main character is 3d rendered with 3DstudioMax, drawed by me. We do that becouse animating a 3d model was less painful than drawing 76 frames separately! The graphic in general is somehow "home made".. :) What else can i say? It's all in italian so you may find some problems playing it, but anyway you can find it in my home page. Write me for anything!

Nicola {MSX} Lugato

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