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This image is from my game in development called Proxima Rebellion. It will feature combat action and some strategy with land, air and sea units. It is currently in a very early but playable stage of development.

The program was written in C++ using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, and uses DirectX 8.1. OpenGL compatability may be planned in the future.

The project began back in December of 2001 simply as a way for me to learn my way around Direct3D, and as a challenge to myself to see if I could really implement such things as 3D rendering, collision detection, physics and AI. The design goals for the game continue to evolve and become more ambitious as I progress and learn more. So far it has been a very challenging and educational experience. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, which has given me the strong foundation in the mathematics necessary for developing a 3D game.

While the game is fairly simple and action-oriented in its current demo form, I hope to add elements of strategy in the future to eventually make it a hybrid shooter/RTS game along the lines of Battlezone and Uprising, with a little inspiration from the classic Carrier Command.

The website for the game is at An early stage concept demo is available for download.

Contributing artists' websites are at and .

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