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I've been working in my spare time on an old-school isometric tile engine in the spirit of Ultima 8 which can deal with sprites of varying sizes.

Right now, the engine can handle the following
  • algorithmically generate block sprites given 2 projection parameters
  • depth-sort objects for display given x,y,z and 3D extents
  • "dirty-rectangle" redrawing (incuding scrolling) -- only redraw the portions of the screen which need updating (and first blt most of the screen around if we are scrolling)
  • Lots of work is needed for the following:
  • data loading/saving from file (the 'landscape' above is generated by recursively splitting areas and filling them with blocks)
  • game logic, etc
  • non-crappy programmer art
  • an idea for an actual game
  • making the depth-sort robust to overlapping objects
  • The engine itself is scheduled for open source release in the not-so-distant future. In the meantime, check out my other code projects at or email me for more info.

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