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This image is from a demo of my game "Aurora" in development and my level editor "AuroraED" in dev. too. This demo is written in C++ under MS Visual C++ 6 and use the SGI OpenGL API. It groups together my lastest knowledge, in particular:
  • water 3D animation rendering with multitexture and sphere mapping
  • real-time calculation of lighting (infinite numbers of lights)
  • support of imported models (mdl files like models of Half-Life)
  • auto generation of reflection effects (i.e. on marble surface)
  • windows reflection effects
  • shadows engine in real time
  • Actually i have started again on the 3D engine with new collisions detection and new features (particle systems, lightmapping with true bumpmapping, etc...) and added 3d sound support with the Firelight Technologies FMOD API. One of the objectives is to increase the frame rate.

    The development tools used for this game are MS VisualC++ 6, 3D Studio MAX 4, Valve StudioMdl, Milkshape 3D 1.5, Ulead PhotoImpact 3, Adobe Photoshop 6, Gimp 1.2, etc... And i have programmed two personal softwares: Aurora Editor (Level editor) & Pathfinder Editor (Bots pathfinder editor).

    I'm a 20 years french student and my diploma certificates are:
  • School - leaving diploma of general mechanic
  • GCE of science and industrial technology with mechanic speciality
  • University general studies diploma of mathematics, computer and applied sciences
  • My holiday season job is formative in informatique centre and i hope to work in the computer games industry in the future.

    Download of this demo is available at my homepage (in construction !) :
    For contacts write at:
    I like feedback!

    Eric "Whitenight" GIRARD.

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