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I'm working on a 3D Engine of my own and I just wanted to show off a few shots of my 3D Renderer. Nothing that great, it uses BSP trees for calculating the PVS and for collision detection. Supports static & dynamic lights (point lights/spotlights). At the moment only static shadows are implemented (the famous lightmap!) but I'm working on implementing stencil buffer shadows too (Doom3 style!). The sky is done using a skybox. Some of the textures I made (Photoshop) and some I downloaded from the net for free. My Renderer uses Direct3D. I feel really great because this is my first Renderer ever!

The top left image shows a castle being designed in my custom level editor. The top right image shows the same castle, rendered using my Renderer (it's quite dark, because it's supposed to be evening). Bottom left/right, are rendered views of the castle interior.

Hope you like it!
Francis Xavier

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