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I thought it was about time I contributed something to this section too. This picture is an example of what my 3d engine can do at the moment. It's being used for our remake of the classic RPG Ultima 1 and a tech-demo has just been released on our project page along with some more screenshots.

About the image and 3d engine : The engine runs on vertex lighting but with custom calculated vertex-normals and support for smoothing groups. The reason why we are not using lightmaps are that the size of the gameworld will be HUGE so even if we saved lightmaps in 16x16 the game would take up several CD's ;) If someone knows a good and fast way to generate lightmaps on the fly for about 25000 faces per level I'm interrested in hearing about it.

The visibility determination system in the engine is not really implemented yet, so speed isn't too great. Basicly what it got is kind of a flat octree combined with simple frustum culling. Eventually a portal engine will be used for indoors and an octree/occlusion tree(??) combination will be used for outdoor areas like cities. Maybe a dedicated terrain engine will be used for the big outdoor scenes between dungeons and towns.

One word about the tech-release : It loads SLOW ;) One reason is explained in the that comes with it - another is that I was taken by surprise about the overhead of reading from my large datafile.. oh well, more coding to do I guess ;)

- Kasper Fauerby

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