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This is an an image of the landscape system I just started working on for my 3D engine called Oxygen3D. It can display really large highpolygon terrains at still high framerates. You can see two numbers on the screenshot. TP and TC. The TP stands for Terrain Polycount. In this frame there are 22098 being rendered and the total polycount is 131072 or so. This runs at 60 fps on a P2-233 with Voodoo 2.

I'm using some sort of homegrown quad/octree method for as visibility system and a lot of precalc. The landscape is one big generated mesh, and not just a grid where the vertex heights change. I soon will put up some movie / demo of it on my page so you can see it moving. Please note that I only coded 10 hours on it till now so the cool things still have to come :)

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