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These screenshots are from my fur ball test I wrote one night. I noticed there is some fur thread in message board so this is kinda hot topic, yeah (: The ball just spins and moves up and down along a sine curve. The gravity is altered according to the acceleration making hair to bend more when the ball is moving up.

Some technical details:
  • DirectX 7 interface is used (through my engine abstraction) thus no vertex shaders nor AGP vertex buffers were used
  • total 2000 hairs and 10 joints in each hair
  • each hair is a triangle strip primitive (double sided) thus there is 44k vertices & 40k triangles total
  • each vertex got only position and normal info
  • runs ~130FPS on GeForce3 & P4 1.5GHz in 1280x1024x32bpp resolution
  • FSB is 133MHz (I guess), which seems to be the bottle neck
  • diffuse, emissive and specular lighting of two directional lights
  • very simple physics, where gravity bends the hair
  • Well, nothing specially really here, just liked to share my fur ball with you (: I thought about adding projective shadows on it, but it would have required bunch of extra work and time, so maybe next time. Also by taking angular acceleration into account and altering gravity individually for each hair I might have made hair dynamics to look a bit nicer.


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