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Storm is my first shareware game, an arcade style mission based shooter with 50 missions and 24 different weapons to collect.

Storm features a few new game and techincal features:
  • 8 way directional thrust and 8 way directional firing for superior control of your ship.
  • Fly in arcs and circles around enemy ships and mines, firing at them from different directions.
  • Pixel perfect collision detection for all sprites.
  • Completely destructable terrain with subtle colour transitions.
  • Huge scrolling missions with parallax background and starfield effect.
  • Opposing weapon shots can collide and explode, while explosions damage anything.
  • Options to use Keys, Mouse, Mouse/Keys combination or Joypad.
  • 3 different firing systems and redefinable keys/buttons (including dual stick joypad support).
  • Encounter different Enemy mines, ships, guns & lasers as you explore valleys, caverns and Enemy Bases.
  • Multiple missions to choose from. with 3 Difficulty levels and a continue game option.
  • Hours of gameplay..
  • Storm was programmed in C using the open source Allegro Library. There is a free 9 mission demo of Storm available from the website and the full game is available for $19.99 from my website or BMT Micro.
    Richard Phipps

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