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I posted a screenshot of the newest version of the Painter engine I worked on w/ the UIUC-SIGGraph team. This showed up on IOTD - August 26,'00.

Someone asked about a comparison to traditional rendering processes. So....

Top left is an image of a model before "PIBbing" -- which was the name we gave to the process of assigning colors and brushes to the surfaces (named after the file format). That's just basic GL Lighting. As you can see it's a very low-count polygon model. Yes, it's the engineering part of the UIUC campus. You might not be able to tell, but we also cheated in the poly counts in certain aspects. Since the backs of the buildings wouldn't be rendered, we actually cut them out of the model entirely (rather than backface cull).

Bottom left is the same model after the brushes and tesselation process. Though, proper colors were still not yet assigned. Every one of those points you see will be a brushstroke in the actual engine.

Note that building at the far north end of the eng. quad. (North end meaning at the very back in the 2 Left pictures). That building is Beckman Institute - That's where we have all the very cool facilities like the Wall & the CAVE (hehe yes we've played Q3A in the CAVE). The top Right picture shows the OLD painter rendering Beckman from the same scene. We had around 4 fps for that scene (avg 50,000 alpha blended polys per frame), but then did a release build and got around 14 fps.

Unfortunately, we don't have the same scene in the Painter v2 PIB format. But Bottom right, you'll see a typical rendering from Painter v2. Whoa... that's some kind of LSD trip... That's probably something I don't want to see in the CAVE.

- Parashar Krishnamachari

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