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Here are a few screenshots of my first complete game called bl0kz. This was written as a fun hobby, to prove to myself that I could write a complete game and to implement a few things I've learned recently about Managed DirectX and C#. It took about 3 months to complete, 1-2 hours a night when time permitted. The difficult aspects turned out to be the UI, finding/creating art and sounds that feels right and fits together, and like all projects, to finish it!

Some tech details:
  • Object orientated, written using C# and Managed DirectX 9. DotNET really makes the mundane programming tasks easy!
  • Custom 2D engine with sprites represented using quads and all translations/rotations done as 3D with ortho perspective. This allows full use of hardware features and should make it easy to create the 3D version of the game.
  • DirectInput and DirectSound.
  • Custom UI described using XML.
  • Lots of bonus items, special effects, animations and sounds.
  • If you want to check out the game, look at the source code or for more details on how it was made, feel free to go my website at

    Lambert Brink

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