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These 2 Screens are from a beta-version of a landscape/plants-population viewer. The viewer is a part of a project called "Lennč3D". Within the project, we will develop an interactive modeler and viewer for modeling and rendering complex virtual landscapes with high-detailed plants-populations in realtime. We use our own dynamic LOD-algorithm to handle the very complex geometry. Also we use standard methods like billboards, but the user can see every leaf or branch of every plant if the distance between the camera and the plant is small enough. So we use "real" geometry-models. Actually, our viewer can handle scenes for example with 100.000 plants (every plant consists of 3.100 triangles) at 6-9 fps (P4,2.4GHz,512MB Ram,GF4) or with 1.000.000 plants (3.100 triangles/plant) at 1-2 fps.

Further informations to the whole project will be found at:

At this point of development, shadow-mapping is not yet implemented.

Greetings, Carsten Colditz

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