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This is a pic from Epilogue; A 3D strategy game. Epilogue features:
  • Vast landscapes
  • Direct 3D redering
  • Can be run in a window
  • Realtime 3D menu's
  • Resolutions up to 1600x1200
  • You can zoom in and out; you can rotate;
  • Different times you play in... Starting with very primitive units, while in the end you 'll be able to build modern units
  • Alpha blended tiles, allowing very nice landscapes (in this shot only 2 different terraintypes: later more than 16 different terrain types will be used)
  • Sky reflecting in the water (not yet in this shot :)
  • Shadows (not yet in this shot either:)
  • The fov in this screenshot is still a little to high, but that 'll be adjusted!! :)

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