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These are some screenshots from my game in progress titled Offshore Sailing. Some of the features are:

BST for collision detection between objects (mainly the boat and the water).

Realistic physics that you would normally experience while sailing between the boat's heading, angle of the sail, and wind.

Billboards are used for the pseudo-LCD wind/boat speed/directions. I flip through different uv coords to simultae them turning, and do the same for the buttons (I just created a bunch of textures with the different buttons in their down state).

Alphablended skydome used with a hazy blue fog color blends the horizon pretty well. If I can state how I did this, I created a texture with a rainbow effect around what I thought were the edges of the skydome. Then, when placed in the game, I could see which color appeared on the edge of the dome, near the horizon. I took that color off, then had my template for creating the sky texture (white clouds, black background, turned on alphablending, the sky gets drawn with the blue fog as background and white clouds showing).

Some of the things I am working on before releasing it for this holiday season are: More scenery, shorelines, boats and weather.

Multiplayer support.

I am really excited about finishing this, now that the physics work correctly, the engine can be used for other types of simulations. Any games I create, as I said in a flipcode thread of yore, are meant to be education, fun, and non-violent (and hopefully not boring).

What I need help with is some constructive feedback from fellow Flipcoders, and would really appreciate if you could download my demo at and let me know if it runs!

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