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Attached is an image (640x480) from my latest independent completed project. 3D Mahjong.

The game was programmed using Dark Basic Professional Version 4.1 and uses numerous window DLL calls. It features a multi-layered music score (that never repeats), morphing shuffling tile sets, LOD, mip mapping, a high performance setting, 2 different hint systems, stats, dynamic lighting, a full undo and is complete with 20 Unique levels that include a new feature to the mahjong game - the elevated layout. Elevated layouts offer true 3 dimensional game play that require you to think and play the game between layers as well as the traditional method of stacks. The example image shows how an elevated layout works.

The game comes complete with a compiled help file and a second (kids) tile set.

Readers can download the game from and I can be contacted at Info at to answer any questions regarding this game or how it was created using the Dark Basic Professional language. A full commercial version is also available for Mahjong Solitaire Addicts.

Best Regards
Paul Varney

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