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The PQ-Torus, or PQ-Torus Knot, is a parameterized version of the well-known Torus (A donut-like geometrical shape). P and Q are two parameters we use to modify the toruse's shape.

The first place I saw a PQ-Torus at was :, they have some nice screenshots and a downloadable implementation of their PQ-Torus.

There is a small toolbar through which you can control the toruses' parameters, including P, Q, Radiuses and Texturing mechanism.

I used my own approach to generate Normals for my Torus in real-time, which allows real-time wiggling, jiggling and morphing of the torus.

The nicest feature is the ability to shift P/Q values and watch the torus morph from one state to another.

Here's the link:

Ohad Eder Pressman

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