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This is the retro game, Bugatron, that I am working on. It takes influences from games like DX-Ball, Galaga, Bill's Tomato Game, Centipede, etc....I am actually pretty far along with it. It uses renderit3d from indotek, which is basically a d3d IM wrapper (although I have to go into dx/d3d a lot anyway) and it's pretty good. The one feature it lacks that just KILLS me is that you can't send it's loading functions file pointers- so I cant use my .wad file coding. Anyway, my engine features: nothing! It is pretty vanilla d3d here. I am envious and amazed by some of these fantastic IOTD's but I am focusing on true retro playability and you wont be blown away by anything here. But I hope it is a fun game that's a throwback and is really a 2d game in 3d space. One interesting thing about it is that there is so little fill going on, that it runs great on my machine even at 1600x1200. You have to be online to play it, as the 6 xml levels are only on my www site (even the splash screen is an xml level). The XML parser code is from my good friend, Mike Welch, of DX-Ball fame. Also, I have not tested it on any cards except for my diamond viper2 under win98, so I would GREATLY appreciate if you could mail me what your system specs are, and if it ran, and what it's logic and render time was (hit f11 to get that info). My email is The "test" can be downloaded from


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