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Look at that, it's not 3D, but it's eye candy anyway! Is that still legal!? It's my first foray into 16-bit color, and it's turning out better than I imagined. This is SpaceBoy firing his Missile Barrage (which causes some sort of freakish space warp that results in all those trails and crap). The red blur in the middle is his ship, and the big exploding grey blur in the upper left is a hapless enemy. Another smaller, more hapless enemy is presently exploding right above SpaceBoy, and if you really look carefully, you can just spot another equally hapless enemy who's not yet aware of the fate that awaits, directly in front of SpaceBoy, kind of nestled in the arc formed by his red trails - and there's two missiles about 3 pixels from hitting him! There's actually a much cooler version of this picture, with the missiles spread all over the screen, on my website, but I didn't put it here because it's more compressed. Of course, you really HAVE to see it in motion to have any kind of appreciation for it. Lucky for you, a little (very early) demo of SpaceBoy is coming out this week. Check it out at , where things may be dumb, but boy are they shiny! (and there are more screenshots to enjoy!)

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