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This project is my first try towards game programming (normally i'm a 3D Game Artist). My goal was to make some sort of 3D-Pirates-Multiplayer-Battle Game. It started all on christmas evening last year, when my neighbour mentioned: "Hey, battleships in 3D would be cool". After working the whole night, i showed him an animated ocean on the next day and he - being a 3D Artist - came up with a small pirate ship. I wrote an importer and finally that little ship was floating on the waves.

Later i changed the ocean waves animation from simple sine/cosine blending to FFTs. By the time i added a small particle system based on point sprite rendering (the smoke clouds from the cannon) and some ballistic "physics" for the cannonballs. Then came the great depression - the multiplayer part. I had no idea where to start and read a lot about network programming. In the end, everything is built upon DirectPlay Tutorials and some advices from forum posts. I hope i will find the time to turn this 'not-really-game' into a 'little-game'... =) especially the network code isn't all but optimized....and some minor bugs...errm, a LOT of minor bugs to be honest...

Some Techs:
  • Script parser for all game objects, particle FX etc.
  • imports 3D Studio MAX ASE Files for models
  • Multiplayer (Client/Server) based on DirectPlay
  • ocean waves based on the Gamasutra article about Realtime-Water-Rendering and Animation (FFT)
  • If you're interested in the source code or have some comments or ideas or just wanna write something, please send an email to

    Markus Kark

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