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Turt's Puzzle Blocks multi-platform puzzle game, designed for both Linux and Windows. Turt's Puzzle Blocks is also the current project of Turt99 Productions. The goal of the project is to gain experience C++ and Object Oriented Design, as well as to help in the learn process of Linux as a development platform.

Turt's Puzzle Blocks is created using KDevelop 2.1 under Linux Redhat 9.0, and uses the SDL libraries. SDL was chosen because it is a multi-platform library that would allow the seamless development for 2 operating systems. SDL main library supplies the support for the windows and the display, but Turt's Puzzle Blocks also uses two additional SDL libraries SDL_image and SDL_Mixer. SDL_image supports the use for PNG and TGA files, which allows for Alpha blending and results in clean lines and smooth graphics. SDL_mixer is used for playing sounds and the background music.

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