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Myrmidon. The Terran year is 3035. The human race has spread across the galaxy like a plague these last 7000 years. Having achieved what they believe is an _evolutionary superiority_ to the rest of the known species in the galaxy, the Terrans have created a race of genetically-enhanced clones to fight their wars _ the Myrmidon. Occasionally, however, a defect in the design will allow a Myrmidon to become self-aware and escape their servitude. You play the role of a defect Myrmidon, fighting for your right to exist.

Myrmidon Mission Editor

One of the more unique features in Myrmidon is that missions are dynamically generated so you never play the same mission twice. To support this, we built the Dynamic Mission Generator in Phase 2 (which was shown at GDC 2002) and are now adding features to the Torque editors which allow our level designers to visual manipulate the dynamic elements of a mission.

The top image shows off dynamically placed enemies. The five Terrans in the foreground make up a "linked enemy group", some or all of which will show up when the mission is played _ depending on the number of players in the mission. The experience level (difficulty) of the enemies is also based on the combined experience level of the players in the mission. In the background of this screen shot is a spherical region that defines where enemy units will appear. The dialog box shown is available to edit the properties of these "enemies groups", including relative difficulty of the AI and the radius of the circular placement region.

The bottom image is an example of a "scatter region" which defines a region of terrain where object models will be randomly placed (scattered) when the mission is loaded. This feature can be used to create randomly generated forests, debris fields, etc very quickly. The yellow cross-section denotes a maximum terrain height for model placement _ there is also a minimum height available with this feature if needed. In this screen shot, a "scatter region" is used to place a set of rocks at the bottom of a valley but not on the tops of the hills. Other features of a "scatter region" include rectangular areas, aligning objects with the terrain, max/min objects to be placed within a region, and standard deviation based dispersal patterns.

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