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This is screen shot from my concept game AntiPlanet. It is first PC 3D shooter game based on real time ray tracing engine. Demo is available here. (7MB)

Game details and technology presentation supplemented with wide theoretical basis is available here.

I hate this screen shot as others and even want to remove it back. Because static pictures do not represent well the main features of my ray-tracing engine VirtualRay. Such as dynamic lighting, real time soft shadowing and dynamic scene changing. By the way, here is list of graphic engine's features. I give it accordantly to resolution 1024x768x32 and usage of modern CPU like Pentium4 and AthlonXP

1. Rendering scenes containing thousands visible spheres. Actually, scene may be really infinite, only local potential visible part is limited in sphere number.

2. Per-frame computation of scene lighting. Every light source is dynamic. Motionless light sources are dynamic to, because of scene my change around.

3. Per-pixel lighting and shadowing.

4. Soft shadows with alternating softness coefficient. It approximates physical-correct soft shadows.

5. Up to 8 light sources per sphere. Thus, object could cast up to 8 shadows. Really, number of active light per sphere is 2 because of performance lost.

6. Spot and directional color light sources are supported.

7. On each frame, position of any object can arbitrarily vary.

8. Rendering is carried out in true color.

9. Bilinear filtration of textures is supported with two modes, performance and quality.

10. Limited management of transparent spheres is supported. Spheres' transparency degree can dynamically vary. So transparent spheres can smoothly turn opaque and vice versa. Independent transparency for each color channel is also supported.

11. Two engine modes. Planet mode with flat rounded simple surface and space mode with out dimensions. Rounded surface form horizon effect when far objects smoothly disappear behind horizon. It allows simple visualizing of infinite planets.

12. Relatively smooth frame rate. With out jerks.

Technology presentation also includes link to pre version of VirtualRay SDK with source code examples.

Lev Dymchenko

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