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Currently I am optimizing Oxygen3D and finalizing the engine core. With optimizing I don't only mean optimizing for speed, but also on memory usage. At the moment Oxygen3D can render up to 6.5 million triangles per second on dynamic objects. But I'm not finished optimizing yet. As you might already have guessed hardware TnL is now supported as well. The above screenshot is not to show the how many polygons it can render etc, but to show a new feature which I almost finished implementing.

It's support for instances of objects. You load one car, and create 100 instances for example, which still one mesh is stored. Each instance is treated like a unique node, so you can rotate, move or scale it, link it to other nodes etc. Also you can still use different materials or material settings per object (see the different car/cardoor colors).

Also animation data can be shared. So you can load one character and a walk animation. All characters can have different cloths and hair and skin colors etc. And can share the animation data of the walk animation. Ofcourse this does not mean that all characters will walk sync. Because then it would not be very usable :)

There is another screenshot at if you would like to see it.

P.s. these cars do not have textures applied to it as you can see. It's a model I downloaded from

- John

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