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This image shows my 2 player networked game SpaceDuel, in which two players fly around and try and shoot each other. The planet and the sun exert gravity on the players, and on each other. The planet is done with a 2D FBM fractal. This does lead some artifacts at the poles, but not really noticeable, and a good trade off in exchange for ease of editing. The clouds are also FBM fractals, and are rendered with elevations maps(see nvidia's dev site for more details) . This does give them a nice volumetric effects, but is a fill rate hog. The texture on the planet is also a 2D FBM fractal(yes I know, I used allot of fractals but I can't draw :-)). The ship is a truespace cob model. I used the cob format, because truespace is easy to use, and the file spec is simple. The Bumpmapping is done with Vertex Programs and Register Combiners. The flares around the sun is a billboarded triangle strip. I also used a skysphere for the stars. The physics in the game are simple newtonian physics(no realativity). For the network side, I used winsock, with IOCP for the sever. IOCP was a bit of a over kill for a 2 player network game, but I wanted to learn how it worked, and I might one day rewrite the client to increase the number of possible players. You can get a copy of the game at my site.

Jesse Laeuchli

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