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This is a screenshot from a new innovative 3D physics based game developed in Ireland.

The game is called Balls Up, and uses the Havok physics engine here to create some very innovative puzzles. Every item in the world is actually a proper physical object, and is acted apon by physical forces including gravity, friction and air drag.

The full 18-level version of Balls Up: Episode 1 can be downloaded from...

The game was totally designed and developed in Macromedia's new Director 8.5 product, and was initially created as a test to see if MM's latest offering had the, excuse the really bad pun, "balls" to create a commercial game.

The advantages of some Director features above other PC game development kits were immense if it was proven to be feasible...

- demos could be created that could actually be played within a web page, so a potential customer could see there and then if they liked the game or not.

You can actually play 5 levels from the full game on our main website at the moment (

- you get a 3D-accellerated ( and software fallback ) renderer, a physics engine ( Havok ) and a multi-user server for about 1000 dollars all inclusive, with no royalties to pay after that.

This makes it ideal for new companies with smaller teams who don't have the resources to create a full engine themselves and want to get up and running to the prototype stage pretty quickly.

Anyways, enough ranting, download the game and enjoy. Oh, and if you like it please pay online for it, if you do we'll created an Episode 2 for ya!


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