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These screenshots are actually from one of my first freeware games. Its another Puzzle Bubble clone and it was done Back in 1997 !!!!!! using the DJGPP compiler in C/C++/Assembly. Its in Mode 13h, so the graphics look quite blocky compared to todays standards. It was developed on my brave old 486 DX. Good old days .........:) But it works fine on my newer W98 PIII 933. I also tested it on W2000 and NT and it worked well. Actually I released the game into freeware 6 months before the original Puzzle Bubble clone was released to public :)

I still play it some times, although I get nostalgic thinking about those cool down to the core programming we had to do back then. These 2D worlds can sometimes be more fascinating than many top notch 3D shooters.

Goto for downloading it.

Have Fun

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