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On these screenshots you can see the upcoming screensaver of the ChessBrain project.

The goal was to create a nice looking ScreenSaver using OpenGL which doesn't use too much CPU time (afterall the normal ChessBrain client runs in the background and need to do his job).

I think I achieved that goal, but of course the restriction of not having all the CPU time ended up in the decision not to have better (volume) shadows and stay with planar shadows. The good thing is, that the whole thing should run on any graphics card supporting OpenGL 1.1

Special thanks go to Corey Kruitbosch and Mile Germer for their nice 3d chess models

A Beta version is available at at

For those who don't know what ChessBrain is (I guess that should be the most people here a short explanation: The ChessBrain project is a non-profit international effort to construct a massive chess-playing computer using thousands of networked machines. For more informations about the ChessBrain project visit

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