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Today's image is a screenshot of an application I recently released entitled 3D-Exe. It came about when an artist friend of mine (Max Shelekhov) asked me if I knew a way for him to distribute his models in such a way that people could download and view them without needing an application like 3DSMax, which mostly only other artists would have. After a few idea exchanges with Max, I implemented 3D-Exe. It takes 3DS model files and TGA textures, to produce a stand-alone executable that serves as a viewer (requires OpenGL) for the models.

In the screenshot you see both the main application running, and an example of an executable produced by it. The slick space ship model in the image was created by Max Shelekhov. By the way, if you like the model, I highly suggest you check out some of his other great artwork here.

3D-Exe is available on my recently launched company site, Gradient Studios. In addition, the full C++ source code has been released under the GPL. I don't have time to work on this project right now yet there's quite a bit that could be done to make this sort of program more stable, feature-rich, etc. If anyone out there feels like picking it up where I left off, you're more than welcome to. Some suggestions for improvements are in the readme.txt included with the source. That's all. Hope you enjoy it.

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