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This is a screenshot showing my terrain rendering system's output.

Its core feature right now is level of detail. This makes the engine very scalable. It also brings its own set of problems, but primarily I'm following the LOD way because I wanted to have full dynamic terrain on the scene. I think it real adds to the whole environment when you have something like this going on. Its just not static boulders anymore, its level of detail from your viewpoint all the way to the horizon. Yes, I hate clipping fog. :]

What looks less good is the lack of detail closer to the viewer, but I hope to improve my dynamic texturing system, so it will look a lot better. If not, then this is nothing a simple detail texture can't handle too.

One funny thing though, is that this wonderful screenshot was taken on a top of the line Matrox G200 system. Of course that higher LOD levels are just too much for this good old card, but the results sure look promising.

-Rui Ferreira

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