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What you're looking at is a collage of clips of screenshots from my entry to the Ludum Dare's 48 hour game contest. My game is called 'orbital sniper' and it can be downloaded from:

The package contains both binaries and full source. The game was written using only SDL as an external library.

While I've received positive comments about the game I do not know, as of this writing, how I fared in the competition, as the voting progress hasn't even started yet.

In any case, when building that IOTD I noticed that for once, it was difficult to build a screenshot that would explain anything about the game, so I took several and chopped pieces out of them. The game runs at 640x480, not 320x240 of those small shots; I just took the middle piece..

The game works by letting you zoom in and out of a 2d city map. VIPs (blue) must be protected from threats (red). The different zoom levels give different information, so the gameplay has a lot of zooming in it.
  • Top left is the maximum out zoom; the blue box on top is one VIP, and the red lines connect to couple threats that are heading his way.
  • Top right is mid-zoom, which now also shows all the innocent bystanders as gray blocks, but no longer shows the connections.
  • Bottom left zooms in further, and the blocks change into targetting brackets and teeny sprites of the pedestrians.
  • Bottom right is the maximum zoom where the player has some chance of actually hitting someone.
  • The game has an interesting feel to it, especially on a big monitor.

    The contest itself was lots of fun. I'm rather tired at the moment, after crunching the game through the weekend and going to work right next morning..

    The competition page is here:

    Comments on the game are very welcome. If I make new versions they will appear on my homepage.

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