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This is my first IOTD, and it shows some screenshots from my latest game Lemmis. Lemmis is a Lemmings-clone, and offers you most of the originals abilities... There are 10 different maps to complete, 4 music-tracks(mp3), sounds and self-made graphics. Your goal is to rescue as many Lemmis as possible, and lead them to their home. That's it! Sound easy, but it isn't...

For graphics I am using OpenGL in Ortho-Mode(640X480), which enables me to work on pixel-basis, and exactly determine Lemmis' positions. I think the TGA-textures I am using are really important part of the game, 'cause I use their Alpha-channels for collision-detection, so that the collision-textures are easy to create and use. Of cause there is a small particle-engine, used for the Lemmis, smashing into pieces.

The background-music is a mp3-stream using the FMOD-Library, while the real soundeffects are played with windows multimedia-standard-api...

For Input I use DirectInput8(keyboard) and windows-mouse-input.

Lemmis is freeware, so visit my homepage, and give it a try ;-)
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