Submitted by Billy Zelsnack, posted on 21 July 2003

Image Description, by Billy Zelsnack for the demo.

The claw is built from lots of parts. More than you would think from just looking at it. Lots of hinges, servos, and motors. This demo also stress joints a hell of a lot more than a ragdoll does. It does jitter a bit and refuses to go to sleep, but I wanted to ship this thing.

Picking up the guy and the ball is kinda tricky. It is also fun to pick up the stick and attempt to bat things with it. I also like to put the ragdoll in the box and push it up the hill. Yeah, I am easily amused.

Random stuff:

It is supposed to always run at 40fps and doesn't drop below that on my 800 and ti4200. If you have a slow graphics card it could be a problem. (Read: Very lame graphics implementation)

None of the servos have limits on them so they just let you keep going and going, so be a bit careful with that.

Those two little lines near the claw springs are to damp the claw from swinging too much.

Remember you can also control it with the mouse.

Remember to use left shift to drive faster.


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