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This is a screenshot of the VSOC (Visual Security Operations Console) product that I work on at Autometric, Inc. ( A 3D and 2D window allow for simple point-and-view navigation of a customer's site model.

We are able to write software plug-ins to interface with various types of security hardware and map inputs to 3D/2D models. For instance, the red, lobed-shaped sensors above are inputs from a microwave motion detection system. When they are set off (as they have been before this shot was taken), a configurable alert sound is played, the border color changes to red, the 3D window 'flies' to a view of the sensor, and we issue a command to a video mux to switch to a live video feed of the area in question on a separate monitor. Actually, in this shot the user has selected the (highlighted) camera volume to manually switch to another video feed.

The UI uses a skin technique so it is also completely customizable if the customer has a different look in mind.

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