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Hello all,

this is a very silly IOTD, but some of you (we hope) will get a kick out of it.

'When Clones Attack!' is the result of an attempt to, just for kicks, design and write an entire game in just one day. The result is actually a fun little diversion. Use the mouse and keyboard to control your ship, and defend yourself against waves and waves of clones. How far can you get?

The game is free, only 400kb, and can be downloaded here:

Some notes on the development:
  • Programmed in Visual C / Direct X.
  • Given our experience with Intensity XS, the basic sprite and sound engine was put together very quickly. No fancy functions were required.
  • Graphics were done using ArtGem (I guess we did cheat a little here, as we re-used a few of the images from Intensity XS)
  • Sound FX and Music were taken from Sound Ideas CDs, then bent and distorted as required.
  • To see how many people actually check it out, we also put in a link to our website at program exit.
  • Have fun!
    Midnight Synergy

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