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These are shots from a game that I am developing for PocketPC. The game plays like the old 8-bit Metal Gear games. I wanted a game with more story and less action then the average PocketPC game; the PocketPC doesn't lend itself very well for fast action, and the platform completely lacks adventure games.

About the shots: The top-left shot shows the menu, with a spinning mesh at the left side, and the playfield visible through the menu. Top-right: This looks like action, I know, but it isn't: Here the player finds out that the exit is blocked. Lower left: A shot from the 'full version' of the game (under development). Lower right: The inventory screen.

Some remarks about technology: The game uses MikMod for 4-channel module playback (a port of MikMod is available for PocketPC, and runs quite well). The game demo uses 4Mb of graphics data, compressed to 2Mb. I use ZLib to read the compressed data at run-time. The game is controlled using the cursor keys or the stylus (on the PC: The mouse). This is because not all PocketPC devices have good cursor keys, in that case, the stylus works better. The game can be compiled (unmodified, and without defines) on PocketPC and PC. The PC support is a bit flaky on slower machines (some problems with Windows events) but is good enough to do the development completely on the PC, wich saves uploading to the device and eases debugging. To accomplish this I wrote a library, EasyCE, that completely hides platform differences between various brands and Win9x.

O yeah, I did all the art myself, except for the music and some meshes that I stole from 3DCafe. :)

The PC demo (and PocketPC versions of course) can be downloaded from

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