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Hello everybody! I decided to post a screenshot of the game I've been developing lately. There should be something simple in IOTD once in a while not to discourage the beginners like myself too much..

Animated bounce is an Arcade volleyball clone. The biggest difference between these two games is that now all is 3d. Improvements to the old version include (but are not limited to=) pretty good physics simulations, accurate collision detections and reactions and AI. You can give the ball a spin and in that way trick your friend or the computer opponent.

To get a bit technical I could say that the AI basically calculates the landing point of the ball and tries to move accordingly. The computer opponent serves are recorded and stored in the serves.bri file.

I did the coding and Arttu Autio did the graphics and the 3d models.

Animated bounce is freeware and you can download it at

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