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We have been working very hard for a long time. We have just finished our 2.Tech demo. You can download the demo from our site. We are waiting your critics about it.

In this version:
  • 1) We made many changes and improvements to the training level as you will see.
  • 2) We added Shader technology to our 3D engine. It will be improved in later versions. Some of the features you will see are:
  • Water
  • Transparent surfaces
  • Animated textures
  • Moving, rotating etc. textures
  • Environment mapped surfaces
  • 3) Dont forget to turn your speakers on to hear the background music and sound effects.
  • 4) You can change many features of the 3D engine&Game by using our console.
  • 5) We improved the physics of walking, running, crouching for a better experience.
  • 6) We corrected the collision bug which causes you pass through the solid surfaces.
  • 3TE Team

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