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Ta-Ta Mahatta is a two semester senior project at Digipen Institute of Technology, developed by me, David Dionisio. This game was finished at the end of April 2003. The game was developed using Microsoft Visual C++. The graphics engine uses Direct3D.

Ta-Ta Mahatta is a 3D third person adventure puzzle following the Ta-Tas' quest to rid of the Fungi infestion from their land.

You can download the game in the Ta-Ta Mahatta website:

More games made by me can be found in my website:

Technical features:
  • Milkshape 3D model loading with skeletal animation.
  • Quake 3 level loading.
  • Particle Effects.
  • C like scripting language used for the in-game cutscenes and level elements.
  • 3D sound and music using BASS sound library:
  • David Dionisio

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