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BrendanLand is, as far as I know, the world's first peer2peer network where each participant actually serves their own piece of geography in the overall world. It's not a game but a chat environment that you can walk around in. Each person serves their own self-designed piece of land.

Once you log in, you can walk around and chat to other people in the environment. As you walk off the edge of one "land" you roam onto the next piece of "land", and hence you roam from node to node in the big peer2peer network.

There is a master server which handles the arrangement of the geography. All traffic is UDP, and each person on the network acts as both a server (of a piece of land) and a client (for the fun chatting and walking part).

If you follow the links from the main page at you can read fairly detailed technical descriptions about how it works, and notes that I wrote as I created it.

- Brendan Reville

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