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heres a shot of the game that ive been working on a while. it uses the bollux (TM) engine. i would say the bollux engine (TM) is cutting edge but that would be bollux so i won't. though what i can say is that it does/uses
  • particle system
  • lightmapping
  • physics
  • dynamic lighting
  • LOD
  • bumpmapping (at least it did but its a bit slow on my card so ive disabled it)
  • opengl for rendering
  • bots though all they manage to do at the moment is run around bumping into things
  • collision detection (been working on this since february 20 hours a week and still haven't got it sussed out 100%. i'ld appreciate some advice from someone on a failsafe method of doing it)
  • zed zeek

    BTW i don't have the landscape shadows turned on in the above picture + i know theres a resemblence with a popular game (don't worry they'll be hearing from my lawyers)

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