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After years of looking at stuff in the IOTD gallery here, I've finally finished a project of my own. It's an arcade game called Net War. The gameplay in it is kind of inspired by the arcade classic Missile Command. You play a network security agent who is defending data banks in a large corporation's mainframe computer against invading hackers. As hackers come down paths through the grid you need to drop Black Ice bombs on them to prevent them from getting to your data banks. There's a few types of hackers with different behaviors and some power-ups to add variety to the game play.

Technically speaking I haven't done anything very advanced or tricky here. It's programmed in C++ and DirectX (just DirectDraw and DirectSound).

It's not anything incredibly impressive, but I think it turned out to be a pretty fun game. Mainly I'm glad to have finally finished something.

If you want to read more about it or try out the demo, go to

Damon Du Bois

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