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This is an effect I am currently working on, at work. I work for the Foundation of the Hellenic World, which is based in Athens. We primarily develop cultural and educational applications for VR sytems (CAVEs, Immersadesks etc). So I thought I could snatch some models from our database and do some tests with them. I was amazed from the result and thought I could post some results to show that you can do cool stuff with simple things.

In essence, what you see is a particle system. Each particle can have a texture on it and change size, position, speed and color over time. The attributes which I havent seen a lot in other particle system implementations but look very nifty and add a lot of flexibility are:

1) The texture changes over time. Animated textures which are preloaded.

2) The particles can be created (start vlolume) and start from random points on a specified gemetry. The geometry has to be in .raw format.

In the first picture an ancient greek dome is put on fire. The original geometry has been saved in .raw mode in a file. To render the scene the original dome is rendered, and the .raw file is given as the start volume for the particle system. An animated texture of a fire flame (15 frames) was used as texture. In the second picture a skull model was used as the start volume. I also use dparticles for snow, smoke, water, foq and even light effects.

Unfortunately we are using IRIX SGI boxes so I cant sent you any demo :(

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