Submitted by Tim, posted on 12 June 2001

Image Description, by Tim

Here are some shots of my work. Top left is generating the character appearance. Hair and beards are meshes that are merged with the finished character. Tattoos are textures. Top right is outfitting the new character. The icons are actually 3D rendered and rotating. Dragging the icon captures the surface for the cursor.

Bottom left is the actual play interface. A bit bare at the moment. Bottom right is animating a character in my level editor. The meshes aren't tweened (vertex weighted). Each body part has a list of matricies describing the steps in any animation. Lighting is DX8 default vertex shader.

Shadows are matrix shadows applied to each nearby surface. One question I have: I've tried changing the system colours using API Set System Colors but it doesn't work and is a bit buggy. I'm using Delphi 5/ win 95. I just want to change button and bevel colours.

Any feedback and questions are welcome.

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