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Here is a screenshot of Lunar Lander 3D, the game that I have been working on for the past two to three months as an escape from the drudgery of school. Lunar Lander 3D is a remake of the classic Lunar Lander game, but done in 3D, as you can already see. The goal of the game is pretty much the same as the original, fly around without crashing or running out of fuel, but I have added a few extra things to make it interesting. I use OpenGL for the graphics portion of the game, SDL for the window creation and input handling and DevIL for image loading. Aside from those libraries, the rest of the game uses my brain.

In terms of graphics, I have no buzzwords to toss around. The most complex graphics feature that I use in the game is multitexturing, but you don't even need that to run the game. My goal was to keep everything simple, which meant avoiding hardware specific OpenGL extensions. Also, the fact that I don't have access to fancy pants hardware makes it difficult to use exciting hardware features.

That is about all I have to say. After I am finished with finals, I hope to polish everything up and release the game. When the game is finished, I plan on releasing the source code to it since there is no point in letting it rot on my hard drive. If you would like to see some more screenshots and an old movie of my game, head over to Any comments, suggestions or exotic animals can be sent to

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