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Purple player is having a reveng after blue had spoiled nice hot-water-surfing-session! Blue ship is taking a bath in small pond and the evil purple ship has just tossed in toxic waste spoiling the water effectively. Red ship is making green's life hard and looks like that green ship is really going to be history after one more of those big blasts.

This is a screenshot of my game I originally made back in 1996. Now I have ported it to Windows and released the game as completely free version with all the features originally available only in registered shareware version. The game is aimed for 2-4 players on a single computer & keyboard as you can see from the 4-way splitscreen screenshot. The game point is flying in cavernous levels while shooting at the other players using some of the many floating weapons available for picking up.

The original game worked with 486's and early pentiums pretty good, now the recommended set is some Pentium with 32MB memory, although it should work with a lot less. Features are roughly as follows: 640x480x8bpp (256 colors) mode, parallax scrolling, digital soundtrack&fx.

The home page for the game is

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