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Inspired by IndieGameJam, a group of Lithuanian game developers organized a similar event in Lithuania. The idea was: we give you the "engine", you come and have two days to write games with it. The whole thing was called LTGameJam, and it's alredy the second event (the first one had it's IOTD also).

The theme for the event was "physics, cars and stuff". The engine for the games was developed beforehand, externally using ODE for dynamics, OPCODE for mesh collision and some of Lua for configs/levels. The engine developed is rather general-purpose (resource management system, DX9 renderer using effects framework, pipeline, entity/component framework etc.), with all LTGameJam specific stuff in a separate project.

The image shows screenshots of several games that we managed to do. All the games, screenshots and complete source code (including the engine) is at

Aras Pranckevicius aka NeARAZ

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